Automotive Recyclers Association of Atlantic Canada


Engine in a warehouseFormed in 1972 as the Maritime Auto Wreckers Association, the Automotive Recyclers Association of Atlantic Canada has grown in to a robust industry association representing professional auto recyclers in the four Atlantic Provinces – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

As the Atlantic voice for automotive recycling, ARAAC is the forum for channeling information, establishing the highest ethical and environmental standards of its membership, and is the official representative in the Atlantic Provinces for the Automotive Recyclers of Canada.

ARAAC keeps its Members and the overall industry informed and involved with information into current industry trends and government legislative initiatives that affect auto recyclers. In addition, as the membership grows, numerous membership benefits are now available to enhance each member’s business opportunities, productivity and profitability.

Through two lively meetings each year, ARAAC Members come together to learn from industry experts and each other to continually enhance their business and the industry in general.