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Benefits of Membership

Be Recognized as an Industry Leader

ARAAC is the recognized brand of the modern automotive recycling industry in Atlantic Canada. By proudly displaying the ARAAC logo, you’ll share in the prestige and respect our association has garnered with consumers, vehicle repairers and insurers.

Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC)

Direct membership in ARAAC gives you automatic membership in the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) national association. ARAAC is one of the founding Members of  ARC, representing 380 professional auto recyclers across Canada. ARC works with other national associations such as the Automotive Recyclers Association (USA), Japan Automotive Recyclers Association, European Group of Automotive Recycler Associations, Malaysian Automotive Recyclers Association, Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association of Great Britain, Auto Parts Recyclers Association of Australia, and Auto Recycling Netherlands. ARC oversees the several vehicle retirement programs, the Canadian Auto Recyclers Environmental Code (CAREC), and the Gold Seal business certification program.

Vehicle Recycling Programs

ARAAC Members can participate in a variety of vehicle recycling programs, such as Car Heaven and Retire Your Ride, along with auto manufacturers programs to promote the responsible retirement of end-of-life vehicles. These vehicle recycling programs benefit ALL participants: the Vehicle Donor, the Recycler, ARAAC, OEMs, and our Charity Partners. We annually process over 30,000 vehicles which go exclusively to ARC Members. Please contact the Call Centre Office for full details – 905-383-9788.

Online Inventory Search

If you are already uploading your inventory information to your inventory will then also be listed on the ARAAC website search page for free.

Green Recycled Parts

ARAAC Members have access to the exclusive Green Recycled Parts branding program to help market themselves and their products/services to their community and the overall automotive and insurance sectors. Good for you wallet; Good for the environment; Good for your vehicle.

Employee Benefits

Canadian Recyclers Health Benefits is a fully pooled association plan for recyclers to participate in providing life, disability, critical illness, health and dental benefits. With companies across Canada pooled together, this association plan helps to reduce rates and spreads the risk. This in turn allows for more favourable renewals preventing large increases that are often seen on many stand-alone plans. For more information contact Jodi La Plante at 905-523-6681 or [email protected].

Refrigerant Disposal Program

ARAAC Members save 11% on the disposal of R12 or contaminated R134a with Fielding Chemical Technologies. The cost is $16 per kg plus shipping to Fielding at 3575 Mavis Road, Mississauga ON L5C 1T7. Contact Clint Oshowy for more information – 905-265-0635 or [email protected].

Aftermarket Auto Parts

Wholesale Auto Parts Warehouses is committed to selling only to wholesale accounts – no retail, garages, bodyshops or dealers. They offer special  wholesale pricing to all Members and will meet or beat all competitor pricing. They also provide occasional rebates or special pricing. To find out more call Wholesale at 613-524-2400.

Telecommunication Savings

ARAAC has partnered with Selectom to provide discounted local, long distance and toll-free services. Contact Parker MacDonald 1.877.567.3300 x106 or [email protected] for more information or see their latest offering here.

Salvage Vehicle Auctions

IAA and Copart Auto Auctions waive all registration and renewal fees for ARAAC Members.

Online Core Dismantling Program

Get more for your cores! Phoenix Automotive Cores offers ARAAC Members the opportunity to make more from every vehicle they dismantle. Using our innovative online program we can help you put more money into your pocket. Our Core Pricing is very simple to use – you just enter a vehicles VIN or Year, Make & Model into the program and it will pull up for you a dismantling report listing all of the parts that we are looking to purchase off of that car along with our asking prices. Utilizing this program can help you save time, manpower, and assist you in being proactive with dismantling more efficiently. For more information or a demonstration please call your ARAAC representative; Dawn Salvo at 603-644-2334 ext 482 or email her at [email protected].

Internet Website Design & Hosting

Montana Publishing offers reduced rates on website design and hosting for ARAAC Members.

Telephone On-Hold Marketing Messages

Hold Please Communication provides regular Member-only pricing promotions on some of their most popular on-hold messaging packages. Download their latest offer here or contact Joe Di Giorgio at (519) 972-7171 x21 or Lisa Butera at x26 or [email protected].


ARAAC undertakes a variety of advertising and public relations on behalf of the industry, association and individual members. Through the Green Recycled Parts branding strategy, ARAAC links insurers, repairers and the public to Members to demonstrate the benefit of using Green Recycled Parts and selling their vehicles to ARAAC Members. ARAAC handles the “top-down” advertising and provides numerous “bottom-up” marketing resources in our Member Only section of the website to give Members the tools to promote their business. Brochures, posters, videos, tabloids, radio jingles, ad mats, logos, directories, media releases, etc are all available to separate ARAAC Members from the competition.

Networking and Learning

ARAAC is committed to improving communications between all its members. All ARAAC members are invited to attend our twice-yearly meetings to discuss industry trends and topics. These day long events include committee meetings, yard tours, educational and training seminars, vendor  presentation, and a variety of social and networking activities. Knowledge and experiences can be acquired through the exchange of ideas, or new  trading relationships established, without interfering with normal competitive relationships. ARAAC Members can also attend other ARC Member association meetings as Members.

Government, Industry and Public Relations

ARAAC works with key decision makers about the auto recycling industry and our importance to the overall economy and environment. Effective advocacy is one of the keys to a successful industry future. Working with related automotive, insurance, and recycling associations further enhances our activities and exposes auto recyclers to a wealth of opportunities. ARAAC is the voice of the auto recycling industry in Atlantic Canada with governments and with the public. Through articles, speaking engagements, advertising, participation in coalitions, and publishing information about the industry, ARAAC promotes the importance of our sector and its member companies.

ARAAC Administrator

  • Steve Fletcher, Managing Director

  • 905-383-1904