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ARC launches Grants in Gear funding program

As the Managing Director of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC), I have the pleasure of being a part of a tight-knit community of approximately 400 vehicle recyclers and dismantlers across our country. I am proud to work alongside these entrepreneurial Canadians who make their living from recycling, and in doing so, achieve important results for the environment in the areas of waste diversion, energy savings, emissions reductions and pollution prevention.

On behalf of the ARC members, I am thrilled to announce a brand new initiative called Grants in Gear, which is based on the principle of creating shared value. The simple aim of Grants in Gear is to extend the environmental benefits achieved through the dedication of ARC members to environmental best practices. This will be done by investing in like-minded Canadian organizations that strive to achieve tangible results in the same areas of environmental priority. Just as gears in a car work together to achieve a greater purpose, Grants in Gear will connect ARC funding with Canadian groups that have a shared vision for the environment, and hopefully, in doing so, will increase the long-term outcomes for both the community and the planet.

While the Grants in Gear structure may change year-to-year, this year ARC will disburse up to four grants worth a maximum of $25,000 each and one Green Recycled Parts Impact Award, worth up to an additional $5,000. The award will be given to the successful applicant who best demonstrates how additional funds would be used to better achieve the project’s long-term vision, or increase its sustainability.

I am also pleased to announce that ARC will be working with its long-time not-for-profit environmental partner, Summerhill, to execute this new initiative. Summerhill and ARC have previously worked together on various successful environmental initiatives, such as the national Switch Out and Retire Your Ride programs. In concert with Summerhill, I invite Canadian NGO and entrepreneurial groups to submit applications for ARC’s Grants in Gear program.

Steve Fletcher, Managing Director, Automotive Recyclers of Canada


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