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Reviews give Retire Your Ride top ratings

Recently we discussed three great reasons to use Retire Your Ride. In that blog, we highlighted the competitive, stress-free bidding process that gets you the best prices from your local certified recyclers, the pickup and payment methods we use to help you, and the high environmental standards in use by all of Retire Your Ride’s CAREC-certified auto recyclers.

We designed the Retire Your Ride program to be a trouble-free and lucrative method for Canadians to safely retire their end-of-life vehicles. The program has been very successful in this regard, judging by the reviews left on Google. We’re very proud of our reviews and high ratings. You can read all of them here.

All of the reviews to date have been very positive. Many of the reviews we’ve received have remarked on how easy and simple the process was:

“It was well organized and very friendly to deal with. I received a bid that was really quick and compared to what the car scraps of my town offered. The towing truck came and took my car with no problems, the check and all paperwork done and easy to deal with. I would recommend Retire Your Ride to anyone looking to have a vehicle removed.” – David L.

“The process was fast and easy. I filled in all the required information to the best of my ability, received and accepted my bid 2 days later, and the car was picked up the following business day (Monday). I like knowing that I got reasonable compensation for my scrap vehicle and that it will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.” – Amelia F.

Other program participants remarked on the bidding process. Not only is it simple, it ensures you receive the highest bids from your area recyclers, and only reputable automotive recyclers can place bids. This helps to ensure that your vehicle is dealt with in an environmentally safe manner.

This Auto Recycling Website was simple to use to list my car for auction bidding.  The confirmation and bid process was quick. Only reputable, licensed auto recyclers are allowed to bid and purchase your vehicle here. Highly recommended.” – Gavin

“Listing of vehicles was simple and uncomplicated. At end of bidding period I had an offer that was much more than had been suggested at the local garage. Pick-up was on time, altogether a very smooth transaction.” – John L.

We know that receiving the highest possible value for your end-of-life vehicle is important. We also know that environmental standards are important to the people of Canada. Some of our positive reviews made sure to mention that they were put at ease, knowing environmental safeguards were in place during the recycling process.

“I researched how to dispose of my 18 year old car in an environmentally responsible way and came across Retire Your Ride. If, indeed, they are able to do everything possible to promote the reusing of parts and avoid unnecessary contamination by properly dismantling and disposing of toxic substances, this route is the best way to go. They made the entire process easy and the communication was clear and friendly. Thank you!” – Aliki T.

“Excellent way to ensure your vehicle is recycled in an environmentally friendly manner!” – Corey E.

Retire Your Ride believes in responsible recycling. You can read more about precisely what will happen to your vehicle here. All participating auto recyclers must follow the Canadian Auto Recyclers Environmental Code (CAREC). For more information on CAREC, please visit

Getting started on recycling your end-of-life vehicle with Retire Your Ride takes just a few minutes. Simply fill out this form and within a few business days you’ll receive a notification with the highest bid for your vehicle. For more information, visit

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